Manpower Request and Loop Developments

Our trail team has spent several days repositioning signs from the previous trails and streets to the Camelot and new Lakeside trails. Surface arrows and loop signs are now in place throughout the Loop with the final section in Lakeside Park about to be completed.

Manpower request: Our total inventory of pavement signs/arrows is nearing 200. This is a pretty time consuming  (not to mention mind numbing) number of signs to paint. I would like to put together a trail team to share the load. We would give stencils and paint to folks to maintain 30–40 signs on one section of the Loop (perhaps nearest to their house). Since the signs are almost updated, the wear-out rate is actually quite slow, except where cars drive over them. With the Loop now 90% off-street trails, there are not many of those. Figure about 2–4 hours once a year.

As most of you know, our new trail paint color is yellow. The switch from white to yellow was made to honor the yellow jersey in the Tour de France! We have included a new stencil with the word  ‘Downtown’ so that we can point Loopers off the Brooke Street Trail onto the Downtown Trail along the river. Look also for ‘Wild Goose Trail’ signs to help guide Loopers  to a really tranquil rails to trails experience. All trails external to the Loop will be done in white.

As our Loop community grows, the signage has been a boon to first-time Loop explorers and tourists. I have spoken to out-of-town visitors on the Loop and my favorite comment from them so far is, “This is so cool! I wish we had one of these in Appleton.” Bam!

The second edition Loop brochures now available and I want to thank Amy Hansen,  Agnesian Health Care, and our volunteer editors for producing such a high quality product. We have put brochures out on the Loop and will distribute to other pick-up areas.

The city has added new road side lanes and bike arrow signs connecting Prairie Trail to Camelot on Martin Avenue.

Connection from Camelot trail to Pioneer trail looks like it will be worked out as follows: (From Camelot Trail) the Loop will turn north off Camelot Trail onto Mihill Avenue, then go west onto East Lane to S. Main Street. The city had pledged to include a proper bike/ped pathway along Main connecting to Pioneer. Right now, our Loop signs will direct Loopers alongside Main Street to a short section of pavement. Best we can do for now. We look forward to the new trail.