Ribbon Cutting! Kick off the Lakeside Park Segment of The Loop – Tuesday Oct. 18 at 4pm

Please join us in celebrating the completion of the Lakeside Park segment of the Fond du Lac Loop.  Find us at the Lakeside Park Pavilion on Tuesday, October 18 at about 4pm.

We will have some local dignitaries speak and then we’ll cut the ribbon with a big pair of scissors.  After, hang out with the Loopers and listen to us brag about all of the neat places we can walk, run, skate and ride in Fondy.  If you wish, come along for a walk or ride around the new paths in the park, led by some folks who have been involved in making Fond du Lac a premier place to get around by your own power.

Check the Loop’s Facebook page for more information.  HERE is the flyer for the event (in PDF).  Print some up and pass them out!

See you there!