Fond du Lac Loop Mid-summer 2016 Trail Report

Hello Fellow Loopers!

It has been a great summer to travel the Loop. We hope you have been able to meet your mileage goals so far this year. The hot sticky weather has been a bit of a challenge. I have shifted my riding times to the early morning time slot when air temperatures are fairly comfortable and UV levels are skin friendly. 

New developments:

1.       As some of you already know, exciting trail work is already underway with a new section of the Prairie Trail  between 45 and V already online and work progressing on the new Camelot trail.

2.       The unpopular lumps and bumps and other rough patches on the Prairie trail have been tamed somewhat but remain far less than  ideal. We are planning to attend the EEAR (FdL Extension) August meeting to push for a plan to eliminate to willow bushes that are the cause of much Prairie trail damage.

3.       The Peebles trail bridge has been in place for a while now and we appreciate this major upgrade. Some work has also occurred to reduce the wet, muddy spots on this beautiful part of Loop.

Hope to see you out there soon!

John McDowell

Friends of The Fond du Lac Loop