“Fitness and exercise are a critical component of my life, not only for my personal wellbeing, but because of my profession. I have always loved biking whether mountain biking or riding my road bike. I frequently ride the Prairie Trail and Peebles Trail to train for the Birky Challenge, Race the Lake and the Police Unity Tour. I also use it to ride to work or to take a recreational ride with my daughter. No matter what your level of riding, you can enjoy a safe and scenic ride (especially on the limestone Peebles Trail) while burning some calories. If you’re looking for a challenge, ride up the ledge to St. Peter. The trails are for everyone, so if you are not a biker, take a run or a walk…I’ll see you out there!”

Can’t wait to ride the Loop!

  • Lieutenant Tina Braun
  • Fond du Lac Police Department

“The Loop is a safe four seasons training/recreational trail that I use for running, biking, and roller skiing. It is a great connector to the city’s current trails and additional trails which will come in the future. The health benefits are a given for the present generation and many generations to come. It is a personal loss for anyone who does not utilize the Loop.”

  • Oliver A Clements III, M.D.
  • Agnesian HealthCare

“It is well documented that Fond du Lac ranks in the middle of all Wisconsin counties in health and well-being. One of the important elements in helping our citizens live healthier lives is providing safe and accessible walking, running, and biking trails. The Loop is a crucial element in encouraging more active lifestyles that contribute to better health and more meaningful lives. In addition to health benefits, the Loop distinguishes Fond du Lac from other Wisconsin communities, which could lead to increased tourism, improved commerce, and a stable workforce. I’m a huge fan of the Loop and believe that it is critical to improving the quality of life in Fond du Lac County.”

  • Steve Little
  • President and CEO, Agnesian HealthCare

“I was born in Fond du Lac and did quite a bit of bicycling as a kid. I remember bicycling to Taylor Park pool from my home on 6th Street, which was on the east side of town. At that time it seemed like such a great distance to travel. When I was 18, I left Fond du Lac and have only recently moved back home.

Over the years I have lived in Europe and in Asia and did quite a bit of bicycling and bike touring all over the world. Now that I’m back in Fond du Lac, I am so happy to be able to enjoy the bicycle trails here. I use the Prairie Trail all the time. I also walk and run on the Peebles Trail. I am so excited about being on the Fond du Lac Loop Coalition, and I look forward to bicycling the entire Loop this coming spring.”

  • Jeanne McDowell
  • University Biology Professor
  • Member, Fond du Lac Loop Coalition

“I am over sixty and enjoy superior health (so far…knock on wood). I work at UW-Fond du Lac and I use a bicycle or my walking shoes to get around town. I developed the habit of commuting to work using non-motorized methods when I entered the work force forty-two years ago. My original incentive was financial. I really like to be able to save money and using a bike made a huge difference (compounded over many years) to my savings and investment portfolio. My wife and I have always managed with just one car and we have made an effort to live close to our work places. Fast forward to 2013 and the excitement I feel about living in a city with safe, quiet streets and a soon to be completed bike/ped loop is really wonderful! The Fond du Lac Loop will be one of the safest and most scenic small city setups in the Midwest. I can continue to make a long list of the benefits of the Fond du Lac Loop, but I will just say that taking the time to unwind with a bike ride, run, or walk continues to be one of the true pleasures of my life.”

  • John McDowell
  • President, Fond du Lac Loop Coalition
  • Professor, UW-Fond du Lac

“After I struggled at my first triathlon using my mountain bike, my husband, Dan, realized I might want to continue to participate in the sport. He surprised me by buying me my first road bike for my birthday, and my interest in biking began. Since then, I continue to enjoy sprint triathlons, but my favorite part is the bike portion. A few years ago I encouraged some triathlon/biking friends to meet me for a weekly bike workout. Over the last few years this group of women has grown by word of mouth and social media; we call our group the Fondy Ladies Monday Bike Group. We ride from spring to fall and enjoy the competitive training, camaraderie and love for doing something healthy together. I am excited about the Loop and how it can bring families, friends and athletes together to participate in a variety of activities that benefit health and happiness.”

  • Jen Memmel
  • Director of Membership Development, Fond du Lac Family YMCA
  • Leader, Fondy Ladies Monday Bike Group
  • Member, Redline Triathlon Club
  • Member, Fond du Lac Loop Coalition

“It’s refreshing to find a nice ‘get-a-way’ within a short distance. We are blessed in Fond du Lac to have such a great trail system in place to enjoy the outdoors and recreational activities like biking or walking. The dedication to build and keep the trail maintained is a testament to our desire to continue to increase our quality of life in the area. This trail system provides yet another economic development tool to attract good employers and recreational enthusiasts.”

  • Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt
  • 52nd Assembly District