Loop Letter Spring 2016

Hello to all of you,

2016 brings a major upgrade year for the Fond du Lac Loop.

The Camelot trail connection is on track to be completed by September with Lakeside Park connection(s) not far behind.

Recently, two events occurred that allowed us to preserve the Loop plan and clarify our vision for 2016 and also well into the future.

The events:

  1. The planned Main Street shoulder path connecting Camelot area to the Pioneer bike path leg of the Loop was strongly supported at City Council with great speeches by Rick Molton, Tom Schuppe and Kya Dheil (read by Jeanne McDowell). Several other Loopers also took the time to attend and provide support.  I do know that Jordan Skiff and Paul DeVries really appreciated that we ‘ had their backs’ on their Loop plans.
  2. A Bike infrastructure workshop Led by Steve Clark of League of American Bicyclists provided us with useful feedback on  Fond du Lac’s Loop efforts so far and many new ideas on how to take our work up to the next level. The biggest single thing that came from the workshop was a road map on how to earn the designation “Bike Friendly City”. The steps on how to do this could be our next Loop Vision quest. BFC Levels go from bronze, silver, gold, platinum and all the way to to diamond! Getting a BFC designation is not easy and a city that earns this title has something to brag about on many levels.

The Loop is looking good. Some of our loop markings are getting faded and we are proposing to upgrade these to include proper non-slip lane dividers.

Stay tuned and lets’ get out there and start racking up some serious – but fun – miles!