Loos on the Loop (Bathroom Locations)

So, you are out on the Loop. The weather is fine and you are celebrating your break from the pressures and concerns of daily life. Then you become aware that it is time to go. On the North side of the Loop – no problem. Three restroom facilities are available in Lakeside Park. Downtown there is the Library plus City Hall facilities close at hand. The problem has been on the South and East side of the Loop.

Our Loop ‘Loo’ team has been out there looking for ways to void this potential situation: We visited Culvers on Pioneer, the BP station just off the Prairie Trail and Hwy.V, and also Festival Foods (you know where that is).

All three businesses enthusiastically welcome Loop Loo visitors and have bike racks. Our inspection team found all facilities to be clean, sanitary, and safe places to make a pit stop.