Safety Awareness – Dog vs Bike


We’ve all been there…

We are having a blast riding down the trail.  We come up on a nice couple walking their dog, but the pooch is 20 feet out in front of them on one of those long leashes.

Or, you are walking your dog with your friend on the trail.  You are both talking about where you are going out tonite.  The dog is out on the end of the retractable leash.

The bike goes by the people, the dog gets startled and runs around the bike.  The leash wraps around the wheel, or the handlebars, or your leg.


When you are on your bike and come up on people with their four-legged best friend, SLOW down.  Let them know you are going by.  Be prepared to stop if that nice dog runs out in front of you.

When you are out walking your dog in an environment where there are runners and bikers, PLEASE keep the leash short.  That way you can keep your dog close by.  Look behind you once in a while to make sure no one sneaks up on you and startles you and your friend.

The Loop is for everyone.  Be courteous and watch out for each other.  Have fun!