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Jen Memmel

Friday, December 20th, 2013

“After I struggled at my first triathlon using my mountain bike, my husband, Dan, realized I might want to continue to participate in the sport. He surprised me by buying me my first road bike for my birthday, and my interest in biking began. Since then, I continue to enjoy sprint triathlons, but my favorite part is the bike portion. A few years ago I encouraged some triathlon/biking friends to meet me for a weekly bike workout. Over the last few years this group of women has grown by word of mouth and social media; we call our group the Fondy Ladies Monday Bike Group. We ride from spring to fall and enjoy the competitive training, camaraderie and love for doing something healthy together. I am excited about the Loop and how it can bring families, friends and athletes together to participate in a variety of activities that benefit health and happiness.”