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Lieutenant Tina Braun

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

“Fitness and exercise are a critical component of my life, not only for my personal wellbeing, but because of my profession. I have always loved biking whether mountain biking or riding my road bike. I frequently ride the Prairie Trail and Peebles Trail to train for the Birky Challenge, Race the Lake and the Police Unity Tour. I also use it to ride to work or to take a recreational ride with my daughter. No matter what your level of riding, you can enjoy a safe and scenic ride (especially on the limestone Peebles Trail) while burning some calories. If you’re looking for a challenge, ride up the ledge to St. Peter. The trails are for everyone, so if you are not a biker, take a run or a walk…I’ll see you out there!”

Can’t wait to ride the Loop!