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John McDowell

Friday, December 20th, 2013

“I am over sixty and enjoy superior health (so far…knock on wood). I work at UW-Fond du Lac and I use a bicycle or my walking shoes to get around town. I developed the habit of commuting to work using non-motorized methods when I entered the work force forty-two years ago. My original incentive was financial. I really like to be able to save money and using a bike made a huge difference (compounded over many years) to my savings and investment portfolio. My wife and I have always managed with just one car and we have made an effort to live close to our work places. Fast forward to 2013 and the excitement I feel about living in a city with safe, quiet streets and a soon to be completed bike/ped loop is really wonderful! The Fond du Lac Loop will be one of the safest and most scenic small city setups in the Midwest. I can continue to make a long list of the benefits of the Fond du Lac Loop, but I will just say that taking the time to unwind with a bike ride, run, or walk continues to be one of the true pleasures of my life.”